I conceptualized and designed this signage installation for The Portofino Hotel & Marina. The property approached our creative team with a desire to create a sign that would commemorate a unique part of The Portofino's history. Although the project was originally smaller in scope, I had a larger vision for something that would be authentic and eye-catching. I consulted with an automotive expert and worked with a signage vendor to design and develop this installation. The final design incorporates historical details, including the original licensed event graphic and the iconic "honeycomb" grille of classic Mustangs.

"The Cannonball Run or Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash was created in 1971 by legendary race car driver Brock Yates and car magazine editor Steve Smith. The Run began at the infamous Red Ball Garage on Manhattan’s Eastside in New York City and finished at The Portofino Hotel. The unsanctioned cross-country run became an underground sensation in the racing world. Since the 1970s, the unregulated, unpublicized coast-to-coast race has continued to be held each year and The Portofino Hotel has remained the final finish line."