I'm passionate about graphic design, motion graphics, and AR/VR technologies. I enjoy creating memorable brand experiences through innovative platforms.
I have experience with the Adobe Creative Cloud, Apple's ARKit and Swift programming, Unity and C# programming, as well as developing product and marketing strategies informed by user experience and design thinking approaches.
I recently developed and published an iOS Augmented Reality app for Centurion Boats. This app is being used at boat shows across the country to increase customers' understanding of Centurion's RAMFILL ballast system.
My experience includes an internship at VR Playhouse, where I provided creative direction while working on a cross-functional team to prototype innovative tools and develop immersive narrative experiences.
As the art director for the LMU Undergraduate Research Symposium, I managed graphic designers and collaborated with the marketing team to create various advertising materials for a large-scale academic event.
Check out my resume below (click for a link to PDF).